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This black tea is visually stunning! Blended with traditional Indian Masala spices in their whole form, you can see the cinnamon, cardamom, and clove within this blend. In addition to being able to see the spices used to create this blend, you can immediately smell the clove and cardamom as you open the package. It’s recommended to brew this for approximately 5 minutes, and it does brew dark – even for a black tea.

On the palate, this tea has a spicy aftertaste that I would almost describe as peppery. I drank mine hot without sugar or milk, but I think this would be a beautiful blend for an iced Chai tea latte!

Regardless of your opinion about this specific blend, I do encourage you to check out Storehouse Teas. They provide organic, fair-trade teas and assist both refugees and small farmers find employment. Their business model and theory is wonderful, and their teas are priced for everyday enjoyment. With such a large selection, I’m sure you can find something that is perfect for your favorite cuppa.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black/Chai
Where to Buy:  Storehouse Tea

A robust and classic full flavored black tea blended with traditional whole Indian Masala spices, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and clove, this tea is bold and stimulating. Masala Chai should be brewed strong and served sweet with milk when hot or pour it over ice as a chilled Chai tea latte.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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