Bigfoot from Wendigo Tea. . . .

The leaves of this black tea are extremely dark. When I saw the tea, I immediately though “that needs to be for a rough morning,” as I was anticipating a very strong flavor. When I opened the tea, I noticed a few flavor scents including a floral scent. !hen I brewed this tea, there was a wonderful musky flavor. The flavor is prominent, but not overwhelming as I had anticipated. It reminds me of the smells from camping with my father when I was a kid. There’s this beautiful smoky aftertaste in this blend, and I love it!

I was able to get three quality brews out of one serving of tea leaves. I have a toddler, and I often end up having to walk away from my cup only to come back to a lukewarm morning cup. To my delight, this tea’s flavor and body were still present at room temperature and still made for a delightful flavor profile! I typically take sugar and cream in my tea, but for this one, I drank it straight. When I added tea, it did was still a good cup, but I preferred the flavors without the sweetener.

This is definitely a tea I would love having in my cabinet!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  Wendigo Tea

Hey I’m Bigfoot! I am a pure black tea whose leaves are naturally sweet.I am a shy yet powerful beast, with a musk full of fruits, nuts, and trees. What you imagine when someone says “black tea” is a pale imitation of my beastly quality.

Want to get personal with me? I am an Imperial Grade Golden Monkey from a tea workshop in Fuan county in the Fujiang province of China. I get my name from my leaves, which look like long brown curly monkey hair and are so powerful that you can repeatedly steep them up to 6 times for pot after pot of aromatic bold tea to share with family and friends. Or just keep me all to yourself.

Don’t bother tasting any other Sasquatch. You have found Bigfoot!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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