Elderberry Blend from Storehouse Teas. . . .

I literally purchased this tea because it was purple.

I also like berries, and I have to cut back on caffeine, so this tea seemed to check off a lot of my boxes. But mostly I will buy anything in purple. I once drove a purple car. She looked precisely like this.

Like the ingredients, Elderberry Blend’s steeped final result is a plum/magenta color. It’s super-appealing in my clear travel container.

But enough about the appearance! WHAT OF THE FLAVOR? YOU ASK.

Elderberry Blend tastes great iced on-the-go. Granted, in today’s case, “on-the-go” means “at my desk,” but I traveled with it to a county fair yesterday. The berries are sweet, but the hibiscus/currants/raisins give it a tart edge that keep the sweetness from being overwhelming.

It tastes like a low-key superhero woman. Like, maybe a lawyer who defends people who have been harmed by evil companies. Kind but NO NONSENSE. She doesn’t flip cars over with her muscles; she flips THE PATRIARCHY over with her MIND. Like, maybe Scully from X-Files would be the fictional equivalent of this tea.

Not JUST because the tea brews up sort of red.

But maybe PARTIALLY because the tea brews up sort of red.

I’m hoping to work my way into other parts of the rainbow in later posts. Stay tuned. ūüėČ

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Herbal
Where to Buy:  Storehouse Teas

This succulent blend of Caffeine Free herbs and fruits imparts a refreshing deep berry flavor, tart with a subtle sweetness creating a satisfying deep dark red infusion. Contains powerful anti-oxidants which may help expel toxins, relieve sore throat, and shorten the flu cycle. Excellent iced.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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