Chocolate Macaroon from DAVIDs Tea. . .

Chocolate Macaroon, part of DAVIDsTEA’s standard collection, is made of black tea, toasted coconut, coconut, pecans, cacao nibs, rock cane sugar, natural flavoring. Now I am not one for teas with sugar or stevia (though I like sprinkles and I blame my love of the colorful and cute for that) and when I tried this tea originally, I had it plain and I hated it.

I tried it a second time as an eggnog latte. Why did I give it a second chance? Well, when DAVIDsTEA came out with their eggnog lattes, I fell in love and was having 1-2 a day. It got to the point I wanted to try new flavors so I kept asking the DAVIDsTEA employees what they recommended as an eggnog latte. Without fail, everyone I asked suggested this tea. This tea and another tea, usually, but ALWAYS this tea. I said no for a while but finally I caved and I have to say…it was great!

Today I am having it as a tea smoothie. I grabbed it because for some reason, in a moment of weakness, I bought a solo tin (90 grams) of this tea and I figured a smoothie would use a lot of leaf. I used this tea, chocolate pudding, milk, a frozen mix of strawberries and bananas, and Kitten and the Bear’s (a local jam company) Strawberries & Chocolate Jam.

This smoothie is perfect! So, SO GOOD! I wanted sweet and creamy and rich and this is delivering on all those things. This tea is almost caramel in its decadence and the nuttiness contributes a richer flavor. This reminded me slightly of a mexican hot chocolate (minus the heat, both spice and temperature wise) which seems crazy but it was just such a velvety smooth chocolate flavor with just something more. Certainly one of the better smoothies I have ever made. Perhaps I will be having another tomorrow…or later today. And I will say, I am no longer worried about how I will use up the 90 grams of leaf.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  DAVIDs Tea

A sweet, satisfying blend of black tea, coconut, chocolate and pecans.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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