Pride and Prejudice from First Edition Tea Co. . . .

Mate and pu’erh are the two types of teas that I usually try to avoid. Mate tastes like the rainforst and pu’erh tastes like mud (well what I would expect those thing to taste like since I have never actually tried those). Either way both taste like dirt to me and life is too short and there are too many teas out there to drink something you don’t enjoy. So, this Pride and Prejudice tea, a citrus and roasted mate herbal tea was not one I was jumping at the chance to try.

My anxiety was relieved a little when I opened the package to see more fruit pieces and petals than actual mate so I got to brewing up a hot cup of pride and prejudice.

It brews up the deep reddish-pink of a tea filled with hibiscus and rosehips. The hibiscus and rosehips also comes through in taste in light of the tartness. Hibiscus and orange. A juicy orange which gives way to the mate earthiness. Not as pungent as other teas I have tried in the past, but still too present for my personal tastes.

This is a fruity tea, more earthy/ natural than sweet like many others. Though this is not likely to become a favorite of mine, it was better than I expected since the mate is balanced by the other flavors in the tea. I will be passing the rest on to my sisters. We’ll see if this is more to their tastes than it was mine.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Yerba Mate
Where to Buy:  First Edition Tea Co.

The herbal blend looks beautiful, but it’s got a thrilling bite to it. A sweet and fruity blend with a kick of tangy citrus and energizing roasted mate. A tea that will bewitch you, body and soul. Perfect for making iced tea.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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