Infinity Jars. . . . . . My Pinterest-esque tea-storage-dreams came true. . . . .

As I’ve grown to be a more discerning tea drinker over the years, so has my collection storage improved. But I’ll be honest– while in a perfect world, all of my teas would be stored in dark glass jars, all of coordinating colors and sizes and quirkily labeled, fitting perfectly on a quaint display tray near my favorite honeypot– this is far from my reality.

I have quite a few tea tins I’ve picked up with purchases over the years, a handful of mason jars– but a large percentage of my loose leaf still lives in the bag it came to me in. So when I opened my most recent sample box and saw this beautiful dark, dark navy (almost black!) screw top glass tea storage jar, I squee’d with delight. My Pinterest-esque tea-storage-dreams were coming true!

This jar was just perfectly sized to toss a small bag (maybe an ounce or so)’s worth of tea into. The screw top ensures that it’s sealed right away from air, moisture, light– all the things we know to be detrimental to loose leaf tea over time. And it’s beautiful, to boot! This is one I’ll gladly place out on our countertop in an Instagram-photo-worthy display. Great design and reasonably priced– well done, Infinty Jars!

Here’s the scoop!

Where to Buy:  Infinity Jars


  • Ultraviolet Light Filtering Technology
  • Preserve & Rejuvenate Freshness
  • Light-proof With Airtight Seal


Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!



Hi there! I'm Mary, a 27-year-old mental health professional living with my fiancé and our quirky kitten in the Midwest! I've loved tea for as long as I can remember-- in fact, I have vivid memory of being four or five in a tea shop and being mesmerized by all the tea flavors and proclaiming that I "was going to be kind of adult who drank tea, not coffee." A stint living (and tea-drinking my way through) London and twenty-some years later, I'm still channeling that sassy four-year-old and loving my tea habit. When I'm not sipping a cuppa, you'll find me reading, doing yoga, traveling, exploring my own city, planning our wedding and experimenting with different healthful and healing foods in my kitchen.

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