Raw Puerh from Teaspec. . .

This is my second voyage with Teaspec’s Puerh.  I tried their Ripe Puerh earlier this week and was quite surprised how much I enjoyed the dark robust earthy tones. I was excited to check out the Raw Puerh that Teaspec had so graciously allowed The SororiTea Sisters to check out.

Allowed to brew and cool for a moment, this tea was just as exciting as the Ripe Puerh.  Unlike the Ripe version, this puerh gave me a lovely smooth rich tangy flavor.  Incredibly well balanced.  The earthy dark notes were still present but not as strong as the Ripe.  There was also a slight hint of a smoky sweet tone, which I found quite intriguing.

Puerh is one of those teas that just keep me intrigued enough that I still dip my toe into this variety of tea now and then.  I’ve always been more of a green tea girl but after enjoying both the Raw and Ripe Puerhs from Teaspec,

Looking at Teaspec’s site, they have an amazing offering of teas that are calling my name.  There is a Jasmine Envy (green jasmine) and a Jade Allure (roasted green tea) that I have to know more about.

Overall my experience with Teaspec’s Puerh has been one that has opened my eyes (once again) to a variety of tea that I’ve always looked over.  I need to be better about introducing puerh’s into my daily drinking regimen.

Thank you Teaspec for this wonderful introduction into Puerhs!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Puerh
Where to Buy:  Teaspec

Our raw Pu’er loose tea, Raw Dazzle, has a smoky floral aroma, fruity savoriness with a tangy aftertaste, and is made from high-quality tea leaves.  Each 50g (1.76 oz) comes packaged in a clear pouch inside our custom colored robin’s egg blue round canister and decorative box.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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