Creamy Honey Oolong – Embrew Tea

I will start off this review by saying that I am not the biggest honey fan in the world and I was not at all excited to review this tea. But, who knows I may be surprised.

Now the tea was definitely creamy not an ounce of bitterness to be had. Now the only thing that I didn’t like about this tea was, you guessed it, the honey. Now I will say this, the main reason why I don’t like honey is because of the sickly sweet taste it has. And that taste is overpowered when it comes to grocery store honey so I knew that my taste buds were aware of the low-quality honey it has had before.  Now this tea was a more downplayed sweetness to where the honey flavor was. In other words, this tea had a nice and soft honey flavor.

Now to the specifics of this tea. It is kind of pricey for $15.95 for a 10 tea bags, so about $1.60 per cup of tea. But I think the price is somewhat justified for on their product page (found here) the honey that is used is 100% real honey granules and it seems that they use only the finest oolong that can be found.

Now, will I ever purchase this for myself?

Probably not. But I definitely know a couple of people who would love this tea. For it is a great tea for honey lovers for it is not too much honey. It seems like the perfect cup to have when you need a pick me up and it would be fantastic when you are under the weather with just a drop of lemon.

See you for the next cuppa!


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I am an old soul and a tea lover and my days are even better when I have a nice cuppa and a piece of classic literature. I have an appreciation for most teas but my most favored ones are of the Earl Grey variety, especially Lady Grey. Even though my tea tastes are more of the classical range, I would not turn down something different. P.S. I am also a lover of video games especially ones of the RPG genre.
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2 thoughts on “Creamy Honey Oolong – Embrew Tea

  1. Marie Shields says:

    Have you tried using maple syrup? I started to not be able to stand the taste of honey in my tea for some odd reason. So I started using m/s & now could never go back to honey. I now use m/s in coffee only, unless the tea I’m drinking is bitter. A little bit of m/s goes a long way.

    • Karatics says:

      Oh thank you, Marie, I am actually surprised that I have not thought of that before! I will definitely try that when I get some syrup next time, hopefully, I can find the fresh stuff!

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