RoRose Garden Puerh from . . Tocha Tea

Rose Garden Puerh Tea from Tocha Teas comes in breathable pouch. Through the pouch you see dark brown leaves, rose petals and a couple rose leaves. It smells similar to a black tea with a slight floral scent.

The taste is a lot similar to a black tea with a dark jammy flavor. There is also a slight spice kick, with an even slighter floral taste to finish each sip.

I really enjoyed this tea. I really enjoy black tea and this is the second floral like  rose tea I have tried that I enjoy.

It is definitely nice and refreshing!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Puerh
Where to Buy:  Tocha Teas

For centuries, pu-erh tea has been treasured for its elegant flavor and health benefits. The unique natural fermentation process gives it an earthy, woodsy essence that is never bitter, even after a long steep. Rose petals add a graceful note to this delicious and versatile blend, a wonderful tea for everyday wellness.

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