A Honeybush Cookie Dessert Tea. . . #52Teas

Being honest, i’m scared of molasses. I use it when i’m baking gingerbread, but I just refuse to eat it on its own. I don’t know how some people just pour it over their pancakes, I feel like it smells salty and weird and it really just freaks me out. So when I saw the name of this blend I totally held off on trying it. Although, the blend did smell like spice cookies….so I decided to give it a try anyways.

I could really smell the honeybush once this tea was steeped. I absolutely love honeybush and I actually tend to favor it over rooibos. I feel like it is so much sweeter and less woodsy tasting. Its a bit hard to describe but once you’ve tried it a few times, you’ll be able to point it out without even knowing that its in the tea. The sweet/honey/nutty flavor of the honeybush really blended well with the spices and cookie flavor in this tea. I can’t really speak on how accurate the molasses flavor in here is because I’ve never actually tasted molasses on its own, only in cookies or gingerbread.

I do know, however, that the flavor of honeybush was very strong here, and the spices and cookie/vanilla flavor (and the molasses) was very much in the background. That’s not to say that this wasn’t still enjoyable, because it was. I just think that the honeybush was the most dominant flavor here. I added a little agave, and then a little more, and I definitely think that that helped bring out the cookie flavor and spices flavor a bit.

Either way, if you like honeybush I think that you would find it difficult to not enjoy this blend. I do wish the spice cookie flavor was a little stronger but this was still a yummy blend.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Honeybush
Where to Buy:  52Teas

This blend is no longer available but click below for blends that are.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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