Tea with Popcorn? Oh yes please! #DAVIDsTea

Growing up in my house, popcorn was revered. It was The Ultimate Snack. I have the fondest, most sensory-specific memories of helping my mom toss kernels into the hot stir crazy machine, watching them circle around in sizzling oil until they were all popped and fluffy. We’d flip the machine upside down into its handy attached-bowl, and when we REALLY wanted a treat, we’d smother it in melted butter and big flakes of crunchy salt. HALLELUJAH.

Or when we’d travel to my family’s cottage up north, we’d swing by the upstate Piggly Wiggly to pick out our traditional Midwestern-cabin-snack-food of mini cereal boxes (not having to share Lucky Charms with my sister was the ultimate luxury) and– you guessed it– Jiffy Pop. And of course, there would be an all-out throwdown over who got to be the one to vigorously shake it over a fire until the pan was unnaturally puffed and full of oily, salty, puffy goodness.

All of this to say? I know my popcorn, you guys.

So I’ve been eyeing this selection from David’s Tea for a long time, but abstaining– what if it didn’t meet my strict popcorn-sommelier standards? Finally I had a free tea reward and decided to take the plunge. And– spoiler alert– I’m so glad I did! First things first, this tea SMELLS divine. Like roasty, toasty, buttery popcorn, with just a touch of that kettle corn sweetness. The internet tells me that this tea is a green with apple bits, popped corn and a touch of maple. Now, I’d be hard-pressed to believe you on the “green” thing until it’s actually brewed– the bag mostly looks like apple chunks and popcorn pieces, but sure enough, the leaves emerge as you steep. Brewed, the flavors really come out. A touch of honey helps the popcorn flavor emerge even further, though it doesn’t necessarily make it all the more sweet. I get a little vanilla, a little apple, a little green and a hint of maple– and while the popcorn flavor isn’t overwhelmingly there, that roasty, buttery flavor is predominant, and that’s good enough for me. I might not be making popcorn daily with my mom anymore, but this tea is the perfect replacement for that salty nighttime ritual. Just don’t make me share any with my sister.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green Tea
Where to Buy:  DAVIDsTea

This blockbuster blend mixes green tea with apple and real popcorn.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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