A Green Tea That Reminds Us of Our Childhood. . . .#TheNecessiTeas

I have been wanting to try this tea since I saw it listed on The NecessiTEA’s website. I was hoping to get an actual gumball in my sample, but unfortunately there wasn’t one! When i was a kid I used to love, love, love bubblegum ice cream! I loved the pink and all the multicolored gum pieces. And I loved the flavor. I dont always like bubblegum, flavor though. I find that it’s very easy to get tired of especially because it is so sweet. For that reason, I chose not to sweeten this cup. I know, I know…this is so unusual for me. Nonetheless, it is the choice I made and I think it worked out well. In my opinion, it doesn’t need sweetener!

I steeped this for the recommended 3 minutes and it turned out beautifully! I cooled the boiled water for about 9/10 minutes before pouring it, as well. This is a green tea, and green tea can be sensitive to heat and over-steeping, so just be careful with green teas. On taste, boy was this realistic! It totally took me back to my childhood, in an ice cream shop in Florida, lapping up some deliciously creamy and sweet bubblegum ice cream. So Realistic!!! I swear I feel like I just finished chewing a piece of bubblegum! The green tea really compliments the bubblegum flavor, as well. It keeps it from being overly sweet because of the green tea flavor- that vegetal yumminess that green tea usually adds to the cup.

I bet this blend would be great iced in the summertime. If you want some nostalgia of your childhood, I really recommend you try this one. Even if you dont usually like the taste of bubblegum you should definitely try it. It is a great green tea! I have had great luck with The NecessiTEAs. I have really enjoyed all the teas I have tried from them!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green
Where to Buy:  The NecessiTeas

We all remember that sweet pink bubblegum flavor as a kid. Contests with your best friend to see who could blow the biggest bubble and then having it pop and stick to your entire face. Chewing it for hours until our jaws ached or falling asleep with it in our mouth which meant waking up with a big sticky mess in our hair! This blend takes me back to all those childhood memories and will be loved by adults and children of all ages. Feel free to steep the actual gumballs or pop one in your mouth and work on your bubble blowing skills while your tea is steeping!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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