Tea Infused Chocolate. . . #DAVIDsTea

In honor of Easter, DAVIDsTEA brought back some old tea blends to celebrate, among which is their Chocolate Cake black tea. They also released some adorable tea-infused chocolate bunnies. When I saw them, I couldn’t resist and grabbed a milk chocolate bunny infused with the chocolate cake tea, despite not loving the the tea itself when I tried it in the past.

Now that I am eating this little chocolate bunny, I can say I am happy I picked this up. Seriously, it is awesome. Often I find the tea-infused chocolates just taste like chocolate and that could have easily happened here but it didn’t. The milk chocolate is creamy and nice and would have been pleasant on its own but the chocolate cake, while adding a bit of crunch, does a lot to elevate this flavor. It is fudgey and dense. It is like biting into a big slice of moist (ewww..I hate that word but it does apply here) chocolate cake, so rich in cocoa that it is black in color, and layered with milk chocolatey icing goodness. The kind of cake that crumbles and melts – think the frozen McCain chocolate cake but better quality. I swear I have had this very cake before and that I am having it all over again now.

As far as the DAVIDsTEA tea-infused sweets go, this is a winner. Even if you don’t love their chocolate cake tea, like me, this is worth a try. If you like chocolate cakes in general, you’ll like this. It is only around for a short while but I think I will be grabbing a few more soon.

Here’s the scoop!

Where to Buy:  DAVIDsTea

A milk chocolate bunny infused with our Chocolate Cake tea.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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