Baklava Black Tea from A Quarter To Tea. . .

I am renaming this black tea pistachio ice cream. Yes, I finally found it. My one true love. My soul mate. Yes, I know that this tea is supposed to be like baklava. And also yes, I do know what baklava tastes like because i’m Greek and, well, I grew up eating it. I’ve even had baklava in Greece. My yiayia (grandmother in Greek) owned a bakery back in the day and was an amazing Greek baker. So, its safe to say if anyone can judge Baklava, its me. Unfortunately, this doesn’t resemble baklava in my opinion. Fortunately, it does resemble my absolute favorite flavor EVER! Pistachio ice cream.

Upon smelling the beautiful dry leaf, I said (out load) “It smells like pistachio ice cream!” I could smell that sweet, nutty, almond cream, and pistachio goodness. You could see whole pistachio nuts in the blend along with rose petals. It looks absolutely divine and smells that way too. I steeped 2 tsp of this in 12oz mug filled with near-boiling water for 4 minutes.

Once steeped, I could still smell pistachio ice cream. This tea smelled like almond cream and pistachio nuts. You can actually taste the pistachios, too. You know when you crack open pistachios and there is that skin that they have? The skin that’s slightly salty and nutty? I could taste that on my first sip. After that first sip I couldn’t taste it again. But this just goes to show that they really did a great job with the flavor. I don’t get anything artificial or chemical, it tastes real and natural.

However, I didn’t taste the pastry or baklava. For me, this wasn’t an issue because I absolutely adore pistachio ice cream (clearly) and have actually been looking for a tea that resembled it. For others who want it to have that “bakery” flavor, this does miss that mark in my opinion. I really didn’t get that honey, nutty, baklava. Either way, it is still a great black tea blend and I think it would go great with breakfast in the morning or as an after-dinner treat.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea
Where to Buy:  A Quarter To Tea

Rich Milima estate tea, with it’s beautiful malty pastry and bordeaux-like notes, is the base for the honeyed pistachio goodness of baklava. Just a touch of rose for a traditional experience.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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