Nonpareil Taiwan DaYuLing High Mountain Cha Wang Oolong Tea from Teavivre. . .

My daughter asked me what tea we were drinking tonight. When I told her the name of this one, I got quite a stare, followed by “All righty then.”  What a delight this was to make and to drink. The tea is gorgeous before you even steep it – tight, hard twists and knots of deep army green and the most delicious aroma. And then you steep it and those hard knots become giant green leaves packing the infuser basket and promising many more steeps to come.

The tea is pale in color, but a buttery fragrance wafts from the cup. The taste is smooth and creamy, not quite a milk oolong but close. And a floral fragrance lays on top of the buttery aroma. No roasted oolong this, but a fresh green one. After the sip, a soft vegetal taste rises and lingers.

I love tea like this when I am going to be drinking it for an extended time, resteeping and sharing. This is a tea that the seasoned tea drinker can enjoy, but also would be a great introduction for those who are new to fine loose leaf and oolong. Interesting, flavorful, and accessible. Although it is a more expensive tea than some, the fact that it resteeps so well makes it well worth the price for the green oolong lover. And if anyone asks what you are drinking, look wise and mystical and impress the socks right off of them as you rattle of the name of this one!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Oolong
Where to Buy: Teavivre

The Nonpareil Taiwan DaYuLing High Mountain Cha Wang Oolong Tea is grown in the area at the altitude of 2500 meters, in which the climate is cold and forests grow well. This cold and moisture condition is suitable for tea trees’ growth. In addition, the soil here is fertile, meanwhile performs well in drainage. Thus the tea leaves carry a natural scent of flower and fruit.

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