Lola from Sicilian Tea Co. . . . .

*steps up to the mic*


Her name was Lola… she was an herbal tea…

(Wait. Those are totally the wrong lyrics.)

Okay, so we’re not in the Copacabana. But I definitely get that song stuck in my head every time I brew up a pot of this tisane. And why not? It’s sweet, a little sassy, a little spicy– just like any good Lola should be. The licorice in this one plays my favorite trick, eliminating any need for sweeteners, and it balances beautifully with the cinnamon and rooibos.

I wish I could taste the lavender more in this one, but sadly, this Lola just isn’t a very flowery gal. All that aside, this is a lovely herbal when you’re feeling something cozy and comforting with just an hint of oomph.

Barry Manilow would be proud.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Herbal
Where to Buy:  Sicilian Tea Co

Lola is a sweet treat that’s safe to have before bedtime. South African Red Rooibos is rich in antioxidants. Organic lavender, licorice root and cinnamon make for a yummy treat (without the guilt).

Brew at least twice to get the most out of your blend.

When brewed as directed, the large tin yields approximately 80+ servings and a small tin yields approximately 16+ servings.

Ingredients: organic and fairly trade red rooibos, organic cinnamon, organic lavender flowers, organic licorice root (to sweeten).

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!



Hi there! I'm Mary, a 27-year-old mental health professional living with my fiancé and our quirky kitten in the Midwest! I've loved tea for as long as I can remember-- in fact, I have vivid memory of being four or five in a tea shop and being mesmerized by all the tea flavors and proclaiming that I "was going to be kind of adult who drank tea, not coffee." A stint living (and tea-drinking my way through) London and twenty-some years later, I'm still channeling that sassy four-year-old and loving my tea habit. When I'm not sipping a cuppa, you'll find me reading, doing yoga, traveling, exploring my own city, planning our wedding and experimenting with different healthful and healing foods in my kitchen.

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