Basil Lemonade Oolong from Pekoe Sip House. . . . .

Words cannot express my LOVE for this incredible wonder of a flavored Oolong. The tea I’m referring to is Basil Lemonade Oolong from Pekeo Sip House and it’s absolutely AMAZING!

It’s rare that I find a flavored Oolong that I adore so much I LONG for my next cup but Basil Lemonade Oolong is that Oolong!

It’s composed of half-fermented Chinese oolong tea, basil, lemon granules, natural lemon oil, marigold blossoms. Sure I find ALL of those ingredients but the secret weapon is the lemon granules! For some reason these lemon granules were like crack to me. They were SO ADDICTING and worked SO VERY WELL in this tea!

It’s light and refreshing. It’s almost creamy with a lemon-sugar twist to it, too! Pekeo Sip House’s Basil Lemonade Oolong tea is made with half-fermented tea that blends beautifully with basil, lemon granules, natural lemon oil, and marigold blossoms. Everything works in this loose leaf blend. Everything!

This is one of those teas that I would buy in bulk and cherish every cup! It’s tasty both HOT and COLD. I say with confidence Basil Lemonade Oolong from Pekeo Sip House is one of my FAVORITE Flavored Oolongs of ALL TIME! Definitely in the TOP FIVE maybe in the TOP THREE even! That’s how much I adore this tea!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Oolong
Where to Buy:  Pekoe Sip House

A refreshing and invigorating infusion of basil and crisp lemon in a traditional Chinese oolong. Silky and smooth, this tea energizes and enlivens.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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