Jin Shuan from Teance. . . . .

I love oolong teas, but especially oolong teas that have creamy, milky flavors. While I enjoy oolong teas that have the addition of flavors, my favorites tend to offer up the creaminess in a more natural way, without other ingredients. I love watching the tightly rolled leaves unfurl over time. I also enjoy the journey of the tea changing over the course of many brews as the leaves are used again and again.

The scent is much lighter than I was expecting. It’s sugary and floral with just a hint of that leafiness I get from oolongs. Sipping… this one really reminds me more of leaves, grass and minerals. I don’t taste a whole lot of cream or milk which is what I was hoping for in this cup.

While this is a decent oolong, there are others from Taiwan that offer stronger creaminess. This one is a nice pick, though, for those who are looking for a sweet and clean oolong. I’m going to try to experiment with the leaves a bit more to see if I can bring out the milkiness.

Overall, a simple, crisp and enjoyable cup.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Oolong
Where to Buy:  Teance

Although geographically unique to Taiwan, Jin Shuan is a remarkably versatile varietal. Flourishing regardless of zone or elevation, it can be made into any tea. However, it is the precise alignment of season, harvest and light oxidation during processing which creates the creamy, milk-like fragrance we covet from these hand-rolled pearls. We keep in close contact with Mr. Liu to ensure we acquire Jin Shuan at just the right moment to achieve this most delicious result.

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