Endurance Citrus Mint from Sportland Tea Company. . . . .

Wow, this tea really packs a flavor punch! This is a combination of matcha green tea with other goodies like ginger, ginseng, peppermint, lemongrass(my favorite) and cayenne! I can definitely feel the little kick of cayenne. I’ve never heard of a green or matcha tea pared with cayenne, and it totally works! I smelled the tea before adding it to my tea ball, and was surprised at the spicy scent.

First of all, it made a nice smooth cup and did not get clumpy like some matchas. When I took my first sip, I tasted ginger and citrus right away. Then, afterwards I felt a slight spice at the back of my throat. I was surprised to see on their website that it contains cayenne! It doesn’t burn your tongue or throat, but it does provide a little after burn. It’s a gentle heat that doesn’t overpower any of the other flavors. I really enjoyed this cup, and I feel like it woke up my senses and my brain!

According to their website, this tea increases energy and improves circulation and I definitely believe them! I feel much more alert and energized, but not in an overly stimulated, caffeinated way. But I feel refreshed and alert. This would be a great tea to have when you get that midday slump.

This tea is made with all organic ingredients, and is gluten free for those with allergies. It’s really refreshing and seriously energizing! I think I’m going to make some over ice next time. I bet it would be amazing after a workout!!

I love matcha tea, and this is one of the best I’ve tried. I also think this would be good for someone who finds matcha a little too grassy. The ginger and cayenne really mask the earthiness.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Matcha
Where to Buy:  Sportland Tea Co.

Sportland Tea Co.’s Endurance Blend is a unique mix of matcha green tea and herbs. With ginger, mint, and ginseng. This blend is an invigorating option any time of the day.

Drink approximately 15-30 minutes before a workout, run, or when you are having a long day at the office. Try it over ice for an even more refreshing and hydrating option!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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