Sugar Plum Tea from The Tea Can Company. . . . .

Sugar Plum Tea from The Tea Can Company smells AMAZING! Sugar and plums – folks! Sugar and plums! I could see a nice sized square chunk of fruit in the see-thru silken bag. Impressive!

Ceylon Black Tea, Stevia Leaves, Dried Strawberry, Mango, and Hibiscus are the ingredients to Sugar Plum Tea from The Tea Can Company. I must have located the mango when I was looking! I didn’t see much of the hibiscus which was totally fine by me!

As for the flavor once infused – I do have to say the Stevia was hepped-up! If you are sensitive to Stevia see if a friend could drink the first cup for you! Remember…tea between friends is ALWAYS a nice idea!

So…me being up front about the high level of Stevia flavor isn’t a slam just an observation. I’m not overly fond of Stevia but but I’m not against it either. I know of people who have ups and downs about the natural sweetener tho. Having said that…the 2nd infusion knocked down that intensity of Stevia quiet a bit and that may be more your speed. Either way – what I am saying is – that you have options, here! Sugar Plum Tea from The Tea Can Company is a diverse cuppa!

Other than the Stevia – the mango, strawberry, and hibiscus all seem to blend together to create a newly discovered flavor combo of its own! I’m VERY thankful it wasn’t all about the hibiscus here! Kudos for that! This trio of ingredients that make it’s own flavor and swim underneath the Stevia flavor makes for a super sweet, sugary, fruity cuppa!

had a hot cup and thought this was pretty good with the first infusion. The 2nd infusion was even better! And the cold version of this is even better than that! So after much contemplation I have decided this is a ‘good-better-best’ sipping situation and I’m VERY pleased I was able to sample Sugar Plum Tea from The Tea Can Company! It was certainly ‘sugar plum-esque’!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea
Where to Buy:  The Tea Can Company

Description: A holiday blend of fruity tea that is sure to be enjoyed all year long.
Ingredients: Ceylon Black Tea, Stevia Leaves with Dried Strawberry, Mango and Hibiscus, Contains Caffeine

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!


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