Coconut Cream Pie from David’s Tea. . . . .

Full disclosure time, you guys.

I’ve never eaten coconut cream pie.

So before we dive into this tea review, I want you to know that I have zero frame of reference here and kiiiiiind of have no authority on the subject of which I am about to speak. Just FYI.

That said, if I were to try and imagine what coconut cream pie tastes like (creamy, coconutty, smooth, light?) I think I’d pull the exact same adjectives for this tea. It was lighter than I was anticipating, with a creamy oolong base just kind of slipping into the background. The oolong left plenty of room for the coconut and pie flavors to shine, and let’s face it– even on its brightest day, coconut isn’t exactly a wham-bam overpowering kind of flavor. The coconut is nice, if a bit weak.

The cream flavors are also nice, if a bit muted. I brewed this one nice and strong after reading some recommendations, but even then (as much as I did enjoy it), I was left wanting just a little more. An enjoyable sip, but nothing I’d reach for over and over. One bonus? Now I totally have an excuse to uh, “taste test” some real coconut cream pie to compare. Research. Dessert research. Mmmm.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Oolong
Where to Buy: David’s Tea

Rich coconut. Creamy white chocolate. And a golden, buttery crust. Can anything top a coconut cream pie? It’s a dessert so dreamy, so fluffy, it’s like eating a deliciously retro cloud. If we had our way, we’d be snacking on coconut-filled custard 24/7. Lucky for us, this tea came along. It’s an unbelievably decadent blend of toasted coconut, white chocolate and cane sugar, all on a base of smooth-drinking oolong. The best part? It’s an all-natural blend. We’ve got pie hopes for this one…

Best served: Hot Tea


Oolong tea, white chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, milk powde r, butter oil, soy lecithin, vanilla extract), coconut, toasted coconut (coconut, sugar, dextrose, salt), cane sugar, natural coconut flavouring.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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