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There’s something about the whole “warm milk at bedtime” trope that has always appealed to me. I’m sure I read about it in my beloved Little House of the Prairie when I was a little girl, and ever since, this comforting nighttime ritual spoke the perfect amount of comfort meets romantic whimsy to my bookish heart. Nowadays, tea is most often my nighttime treat– but recently, I was inspired to combine the two (spoiler alert: with delicious results)! I received a sample of Living Book Nook’s Sunshine on the Shire recently– a tea as evocative in its name as its flavors– a simple, but well-balanced blend of chamomile and sunflower petals. I rarely reach for chamomile on its own, but paired with sweet, vanilla-honeyed coconut milk and lightly frothed (no gadgets required!), it takes the nightly cup of warm milk to a whole other level. I’ll be sleeping well tonight!

Honeyed Vanilla Sleepytime Latte: 1 c. steeped chamomile tea (I used Sunshine on the Shire) 1/4 c. milk (I used coconut for a dairy-free treats but feel free to use whatever you’d prefer) 1/4 t. vanilla extract 1/2 t. honey

Froth your milk, either using a handheld frother, or by pouring into a small mason jar, shaking until frothed, and then gently heating in the microwave. While your frothed milk settles, add your honey and vanilla to the steeped chamomile tea. Top your cup with frothed milk, curl up under a blanket with a good book, and enjoy while you settle in for a good sleep!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Herbal
Where to Buy: Living Books Nook

This tea is  no longer available on their site but click below for what is.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!



Hi there! I'm Mary, a 27-year-old mental health professional living with my fiancé and our quirky kitten in the Midwest! I've loved tea for as long as I can remember-- in fact, I have vivid memory of being four or five in a tea shop and being mesmerized by all the tea flavors and proclaiming that I "was going to be kind of adult who drank tea, not coffee." A stint living (and tea-drinking my way through) London and twenty-some years later, I'm still channeling that sassy four-year-old and loving my tea habit. When I'm not sipping a cuppa, you'll find me reading, doing yoga, traveling, exploring my own city, planning our wedding and experimenting with different healthful and healing foods in my kitchen.

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