French Toast Showdown. . . 52 Teas vs. The NecessiTeas

My mom has been on a french toast kick lately. Seriously, if a loaf of bread is still in the cupboard after a few days all we here is “you know, I could make a french toast casserole with this!” We are not sure what inspired this since she does not even eat french toast but here we are, up to our eyeballs in everything french toast. So as we compared how different breads altered the taste of the casserole she is now so found of making, I got to thinking about all the french toast teas I tried. With so many options out there, the question remains, which french toast tea reigns supreme? So I grabbed the two french toast teas I currently have stocked and got to prepping.


The companies: 52 Teas vs. The NecessiTeas. 52 Teas has been a long time favorite of mine that has only gotten better since taken over by Sororitea Sisters’ very own LiberTeas. I know that might sound biased but I have felt this way long before I started writing for Sororitea Sisters and I am sure I will feel this way for a million years to come. The NecessiTeas, on the other hand, is new to my cupboard but I don’t think I have come across a blend yet that I am not wowed by. So, these two companies are both loved by me which means this French Toast showdown is bound to be a fun one.

The names: 52 Tea’s went simple and straight to the point when they named their blend “French Toast Black Tea”. The NecessiTeas also didn’t beat around the bush when it came to naming their tea given they called it “Cinnamon French Toast”. I suppose it would depend how you feel about cinnamon when it comes to deciding which tea name is more appealing. As for me, I clearly was drawn in by both names seeing as I purchased both blends.

The ingredients: 52 Tea’s combines the organic ingredients of black tea, cinnamon, calendula petals and natural flavors to create their french toast while The NecessiTeas opted for black tea, cinnamon, marigold petals, brown sugar, and natural and organic flavors. So for those that don’t particularly like their teas pre-sweetened, 52 Teas might be the one you reach for. As for me, I don’t mind when a company adds real sugar if it helps create a flavor (on the other hand, I very much mind when they add artificial sweeteners that have a horrible aftertaste – luckily that is not the case for either of these teas).

The scent: So weirdly enough, the 52 Teas blend, the one that doesn’t have “cinnamon” in the title, smells more strongly of cinnamon while The NecessiTeas captures the scent of the egg mixture you’d batter your french toast in. You also get notes of the brown sugar bits within the tea. Both smell amazing but I think the NecessiTeas captured my nose just a touch more.

Finally, the taste: 52 Tea’s is a more subtle french toast flavor. The cinnamon note is on the top of the tea while the egg mixture is a bit more timid and hiding underneath. The black base contributes a nice maltiness though and a bit of a maple syrup flavor. The NecessiTeas is a bit more in-your-face. The egg mixture is right there at the forefront with a cinnamon sugar taste trailing right behind it. The black base here mostly just serves as a foundation, supporting the other flavors as opposed to contributing anything of its own. So, which tastes better of the two? I am going to go with the answer my roommate used to give me when I asked her to compare things and say “they’re different”. I would not rate one above the other because both deliver on what they promise but in very unique and different ways. The 52 Teas blend is more refined while I would describe the NecessiTeas as being a fun blend (in light of the flavor punch).

So, though I may not have crowned a clear winner, I think it is fair to say that anyone would be happy with either of these blends if they are looking for a french toast tea. The one thing the NecessiTeas has going for it over 52 Teas is that their french toast blend is currently stocked and available on their website. That’s not to say that the 52 Teas option won’t be reblended in the future so keep an eye out for that and happy drinking!

Here’s the scoop!

Where to Buy: 52Teas & The NecessiTeas


Hey there! My name is Rachel. I’m a twenty-something from Toronto, Ontario, Canada who loves dogs and has a bit of an obsession with tea. As a child I hated the stuff since all I ever knew was Red Rose (no offense to Red Rose). However, a few years ago that all changed. I was on a diet and desperate for new flavors without adding calories and that’s when I turned to tea. I started off by going to DAVIDsTEA and Teavana for all their dessert-inspired flavors, and since I didn’t know any better, I bought 100 grams each of about twenty-something different teas. This was okay for the teas I liked but for those I didn’t I needed to find some way of getting rid of them.

Enter This is where I met some incredible tea friends, discovered tea swaps, and learned of so many amazing tea companies. My desire to try all the teas grew and since joining three years ago I have tried over a thousand different teas. I have learned what ingredients I love and I have learned what flavors I don’t like. I determined my go-to brewing method is Western-style with no added milk or sweeteners, though I also enjoy cold brewing, iced teas, teapops, lattes, and smoothies. I have yet to brew gong-fu style but I hope to do so just as soon as I get the proper teaware to do it.

About a year ago, I actually stopped drinking tea but as my stash of over 200 teas started aging I decided I needed to respark my interest. I chose to take a 365 days of tea challenge on Instagram in which I post a new tea picture every day. So far it has been rather successful as I find myself drinking (and buying) more and more tea each day. Plus it enabled CuppaGeek to find me and invite me here to SororiTea Sisters.

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