Battle of the Peppermint NecessiTeas

Apparently I have a type. No, I am not talking about men, I am talking about teas. While looking through my box of NecessiTeas, I noticed that out of the 11 teas I purchased, 3 were peppermint black teas. Well, how many peppermint black teas does one tea stash really need? I figured it was best to compare and contrast in what I lovingly named “Battle of the Peppermint NecessiTeas” to see which blend reigns supreme.

For each tea, I used two perfect teaspoons of tea in a 16 oz mug and steeped the leaves in 200 degree water for 4.5 minutes. Then, I had an unexpected computer update so now I am trying the teas lukewarm. Anyways, let’s get to it!

Candy Cane Lane: Of the three, this is the only one that does not contain chocolate. As a result, this is also the clearest brew though it is still rather dark. It is also the one without peppermint leaves but instead a generous helping of candy cane pieces. It probably has the strongest peppermint scent which translates into the strongest peppermint taste. This blend is also unique in that it combines peppermint with marshmallow. I find the marshmallow keeps the peppermint from becoming medicinal and keeps this tea sweet. Plus, it provides the tea a soft, fluffy texture reminiscent of the squishy delight itself.

Dirty Girl Scout: An irish cream and white chocolate flavored black tea that has Andes pieces?! Count me in. Sure this blend is murkier than Candy Cane Lane and yes it may leave a scum ring if it sits for a bit, yet it is not oily/greasy in texture. Instead, this tea is really quite creamy. The flavors are subtle but silky. I am definitely picking up on the smooth chocolate first while the mint gently lingers in the aftertaste. Also, it smells like a cookie.


White Chocolate Peppermint: This blend incorporates honeybush and carob with the black tea and white chocolate shavings. This is the murkiest of the three blends and the tea does coat the tongue slightly as you sip, just as it leaves its mark on the mug in the form of a scum ring. Nonetheless, the texture is not offensive like some murky teas can tend to be. Moreover, there are no peppermint leaves to be found though the peppermint flavoring comes through loud and clear (in both scent and taste). This blend certainly has the strongest note of cooling peppermint. It is also the least candy-like of the mix. This is not to say that it is not sweet, because it is, but the carob contributes a more earthy/rich flavor.

So overall, I would say the White Chocolate Peppermint, though very good, is my least favorite of the three. Personally, I am a sucker for the marshmallow of Candy Cane Lane but I think the flavor of the Dirty Girl Scout would be magical as a latte. Honestly, the two are delightful but better suited for different situations. Candy Cane Lane is definitely a holiday blend with it’s soft texture and smooth candy cane flavor (sweeter and a bit less medicinal than regular peppermint flavor) while Dirty Girl Scout is more of a decadent dessert between the delectable Andes mints and the velvety smooth irish cream.

Here’s the scoop!

Where to Buy: The NecessiTeas

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Hey there! My name is Rachel. I’m a twenty-something from Toronto, Ontario, Canada who loves dogs and has a bit of an obsession with tea. As a child I hated the stuff since all I ever knew was Red Rose (no offense to Red Rose). However, a few years ago that all changed. I was on a diet and desperate for new flavors without adding calories and that’s when I turned to tea. I started off by going to DAVIDsTEA and Teavana for all their dessert-inspired flavors, and since I didn’t know any better, I bought 100 grams each of about twenty-something different teas. This was okay for the teas I liked but for those I didn’t I needed to find some way of getting rid of them.

Enter This is where I met some incredible tea friends, discovered tea swaps, and learned of so many amazing tea companies. My desire to try all the teas grew and since joining three years ago I have tried over a thousand different teas. I have learned what ingredients I love and I have learned what flavors I don’t like. I determined my go-to brewing method is Western-style with no added milk or sweeteners, though I also enjoy cold brewing, iced teas, teapops, lattes, and smoothies. I have yet to brew gong-fu style but I hope to do so just as soon as I get the proper teaware to do it.

About a year ago, I actually stopped drinking tea but as my stash of over 200 teas started aging I decided I needed to respark my interest. I chose to take a 365 days of tea challenge on Instagram in which I post a new tea picture every day. So far it has been rather successful as I find myself drinking (and buying) more and more tea each day. Plus it enabled CuppaGeek to find me and invite me here to SororiTea Sisters.

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