Holiday Tea Alert! Candy Cane Crush From Davids Tea

When I was just a teeny tea drinker (i.e. younger), my favorite thing to do around the holidays was to help my mom bake cookies. She is the absolute master of cookie baking, and now that I’m a grown adult with an understanding of the craziness of Christmas and the expectation of holiday baking, I truly have no idea how she does it.

When it comes to my own cookie baking around Christmastime, I like to keep it simple. My mom makes this insanely delicious white chocolate/dark chocolate candy cane bark that, as a child, I never really gravitated towards. As an adult, though? GIMME. It is creamy and sweet without being overdone, pepperminty and fresh without that toothpaste-esque quality. And when I sniffed David’s Tea’s new Candy Cane Crush in store this past weekend, I was immediately reminded of my mom’s low-key delicious holiday treat.

This tea is like tastier, more intensely delicious upgrade to David’s previous peppermint-vanilla holiday tea, Santa’s Secret. Candy Cane Crush has white chocolate chips, snowflake sprinkles, and visible chunks of candy cane. It’s not just a beautiful tea to look at, it delivers on the dry leaf scent 100% to boot. Steeped, it’s sweet enough to taste like a treat without being overdone, and with a touch of milk added, it’s the perfect festive indulgence. I get that creamy vanilla flavor from the melted white chocolate, and it delivers wholeheatedly on the true candy-cane flavor from the peppermint.

Is this an everyday tea for me? Probably not. But is it perfect in the chilly days leading up to Christmas, an delicious, festive substitute at 8 AM before it’s socially acceptable to start eating Christmas candy? Yes and yes.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Flavored Black Tea
Where to Buy: Davids Tea

This creamy, mint black tea is strewn with candy cane bits and snowflake sprinkles.


Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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