Korea Dong Cheon Daejak Semi-Wild Green Tea from What-Cha

I typically don’t reach for green tea as it tends to be a little too mild for my tastebuds. There are times when nothing but green tea will do, however. I like green teas that offer more than that grassy flavor and usually reach for teas that have the more complex, sweet and buttery notes. This green tea isn’t from Japan or China, but from Korea. I’m always curious about the teas that Korea would offer only because I haven’t tried many and they seem harder to find.

What-Cha’s website describes this tea as smelling and tasting like grass and corn. I suspect it’s not as strongly corn-flavored as some of Korea’s pure corn teas. The scent of the dry leaf is strongly grassy with a bit of seaweed. The tea brews into a lovely pale yellow.

Sipping… the tea is a bit more roasty than expected. I definitely taste grass and something sweet that could be interpreted as corn. I wasn’t really expecting the roasted note, but it adds another element to the grass to keep things interesting. There is a great balance of dry, almost hay-like flavor and sweet, tender grass. I think this is a great cup of tea for those who would like to ease into green teas. It’s sweet, smooth and gentle. What a lovely cup!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green Tea
Where to Buy: What-Cha

A Daejak picked Korean green tea featuring a lovely toasted corn aroma and taste combined with a grassy edge, a flavour composition unique to Korean green teas.

Sourced direct from Dong Cheon, a co-operative of small farmers with the goal of maintaining Korea’s rich history of tea.

Tasting Notes:
– Toasted corn aroma
– Toasted taste of grass and corn

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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