Nefertiti from Tay Tea- Review by Two Sisters, Not Just One!

We thought it would be fine to start getting multiple Sisters’ thoughts going for one tea. We hope you enjoy!

TeaEqualsBliss:  My husband is a bit obsessed with Egyptology and I have to admit I had little to no knowledge of the history until I met him. Now that I have been around him and his love of everything Egypt for years I feel I can I have a fairly decent and somewhat intelligent conversation about a few of their historical figures. When I came across Nefertiti from Tay Tea I knew we had to try it!

CuppaGeek: I am right there with you. I’ve always been intrigued by the gorgeous appeal and fascinating stories that concern all things Egypt. Especially the history behind figures like Nefertiti.

TeaEqualsBliss:  Nefertiti from Tay Tea contains organic black tea blends pomegranate, vanilla, blackberry leaves and calendula petals. The dry mix smells amazing! I can smell black tea, a bit of pom pep, and creamy, sweet vanilla.

CuppaGeek:  The  aroma notes I really feel come through is the black tea base. This has one of those black tea bases that demands attention with a sweet underlying berry aroma. Quite nice for this afternoon’s tea.

TeaEqualsBliss:  I don’t know about you CuppaGeek, but once I brewed up this tea I was surprised by how dark the liquor was!  The black tea base is more sturdy than I anticipated and for that I am grateful as I am a fan of strong black teas in general! Perhaps that was done on purpose because of Nefertiti being a STRONG woman figure. She has been depicted as a powerful and independent woman in history. So I guess that makes sense that this tea symbolizes her strength in the form of a sturdy tea!

CuppaGeek:  Absolutely! This tea does translate into a very strong black tea with a light flavoring.  I think you are more fond of those types of tea than I am, but as a “I need perked up” sort of tea, this works. The notes that come across the strongest are those malty black astringent flavors that are slightly sweetened with a light layer of vanilla. I almost wish that the tea wasn’t so heavy in the base but on the other hand, like you said, Nefertiti was a very strong female presence.

TeaEqualsBliss:  Many people have said that Nefertiti was also looked at as a sensual goddess. Maybe I am reading to much into this tribute of this tea or maybe that is what Tay Tea had in mind while blending these flavors together.

CuppaGeek: I have a feeling this tea is a fitting tribute to Nefertiti!  Strong with a slightly sweet twist.

TeaEqualsBliss; I can’t wait to dive into another offering by Tay Tea. This one is hitting all the right notes. Off to brew up another cuppa!

Here’s the scoop!

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Where to Buy: Tay Tea

This exotic and luxurious organic black tea blends pomegranate, vanilla, blackberry leaves and calendula petals to create a mellow yet memorable tea experience fit for a Queen!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!


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