Handcrafted Black Tea (Blended For Sweet Tea) from Sweet Tea Junkie

This Handcrafted Black Tea (Blended For Sweet Tea)from Sweet Tea Junkie was yet another tea I took my time with before what_is_black_tea_sweet_tea_junkiereviewing. Mostly because I’m NOT a Sweet Tea person as I have stated a time or two (or ten) before. I HAD to try this straight-up and without any sweeteners before going out of my comfort zone. I will say that as-is it was a bit weaker than I thought it would be but I will just add more loose leaf next time and maybe for longer. I would strongly suggest infusing this loose leaf for the suggested 5 minutes as it states on the packaging!
On to the Sweet Tea! For this specific cuppa I used organic clear Agave Nectar as my sweetener! I added a little bit and then increased the amount according to my liking as I am sure you could do, too! Handcrafted Black Tea (Blended For Sweet Tea) from Sweet Tea Junkie did brew to a darker and more powerful brown after the full 5 minutes!

black_tea_loose-sm-600x450I forgot to mention that the dry loose leaf of Handcrafted Black Tea (Blended For Sweet Tea) from Sweet Tea Junkie smells pretty wonderful…fresh and crisp!

By adding the Agave it seemed to consume the aroma of the black tea once it was ‘brewed’. I’m not saying that the Agave I used had
an aroma just that it seemed to have muted the black tea scent, naturally. At first sip I wasn’t sure if using Agave as a sweetener was the best choice but as it started to cool I quickly changed my mind! I noticed unexpected yet welcomed floral notes in the middle of the sip. Handcrafted Black Tea (Blended For Sweet Tea) from Sweet Tea Junkie has certainly grabbed my attention. It has changed my way of thinking when it comes to Sweet Tea. I’m looking forward to further exploring Handcrafted Black Tea (Blended For Sweet Tea) from Sweet Tea Junkie with alternative ways of sweetening! I’m also going to make some of this for my husband who grew up on Sweet Tea! I’m betting he will LOVE IT!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black
Where to Buy:  Sweet Tea Junkie


Our Handcrafted Black Tea is best enjoyed as a Southern Style Sweet tea. Simply put, that means make it sweet, pour it over ice and drink it anytime throughout the day. When we say “Southern Style,” we mean to say… enjoy this tea with good company. Sweet Tea is always better with friends and family! Some folks like to add some lemon or lime for a spritz of extra flavor.. this is up to you!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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