Green Treasures from Gypsy Soul Tea

With having such a stressful work week, I grabbed this tea hoping it would be comforting and soothing.

First thing I noticed was the amazing dry scent the leaves had. Tropical with a hint of strawberry.

Brewed up and allowed to steep for about 4 minutes, this tea yielded a gorgeous brew that was a lovely golden color. I allowed the tea to cool for a few minutes and sat back, holding the cup, enjoying the moment.

My first sip yielded a faintly flavored green tea that left me wanting another sip.  There was also a mouth drying factor as well. What was really nice about this tea blend is the mix of green teas are the star, not the additional flavorings.  The additional inclusions and flavorings are a nice side note that subtly give a sweet factor that heightens the somewhat vegetal notes that the green tea yields. This is an extremely interesting tea that is subtle and typically not one that would grab my attention but I can’t stop drinking the cuppa.

Overall, I think this tea would be a wonderful tea for someone that is looking for that subtle hint of flavor but really looking for a solid green tea. With this tea having a mix of different green teas, a solid green tea flavor is definitely what you get. I could just imagine that this tea would be dynamite as a shaken iced tea with a spring of mint or fruit slice.

So far I’ve had a few Gypsy Soul Tea offerings and they have all been pretty good. This one may be my least favorite so far but I’m liking the sound of this tea as a shaken iced tea. Maybe I just need to experiment a bit more!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green
Where to Buy: Gypsy Soul Tea


5 types of green tea with a fruity strawberry twist
Green tea is an excellent source of catechins, another type of antioxidant. A subgroup of this compound known as EGCG has been studied for its potential role in preventing cancer and heart disease. One study showed that drinking one cup of green tea per day could decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease by 10 percent.

Ingredients, sencha, gun powder, chun mee, pai mu tan, pi lo chun, pineapple, strawberry, sunflowers, natural flavours 40grams

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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