Fresh & Fruity from Balcony Tea

Before I begin with the scent and taste of this Fresh & Fruity tea, I want to talk about the packaging!! This tea came in a lovely little brown bag, with an elegant label and a small ‘window’ to see the tea inside. This packaging sets the mood for a delicious cuppa. So, is Fresh & Fruity delicious?? Let’s find out!!

When I first opened my bag, there was a lovely scent that reminded me of rosemary, which I realized was Greek Mountain Tea. I have never had this, so the scent took me by surprise. However, the scent turned into one of sweet Hibiscus, another ingredient, once prepared!! Before, and after, there was a light hint of Lime.

Once I prepared my cuppa, I poured Fresh & Fruity into my favorite teacup, and admired the color, a lovely red. I took a sip, expecting a very delicate taste.. Instead, a very bold punch of flavor burst through and I found myself drinking quickly!! I had to slow down, so that I could properly sip and write my review. I would call Fresh & Fruity the fruit punch of tea.

The blend is mouthwatering delicious, and is truly one of the best I’ve ever had. I use sugar in my tea, making Fresh & Fruity a bit on the sweet side, as without, there’s a mellow bite.

I finished a cup (okay, two) and shared some with my wife and we both plan on purchasing our own stock of Fresh & Fruity. If you love floral tea, with a hint of fruit, and an incredibly bold, sweet or slightly bitter tea, this tea is for you!! It’s my first time trying Mediterranean Inspired Tea, and I want more. From package to cup, I highly recommend Balcony Tea.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Herbal/Greek Mountain Tea
Where to Buy: Balcony Tea

Feel energised and revitalised by this vibrant infusion. This very special blend is packed full of unique herbs and bursting with flavour. It will put a smile on your face at any time of day.

Hibiscus – A colourful blossom with a delicious tangy taste.Lime Flower – Traditionally used to treat headaches and indigestion. Greek Mountain Tea – The best-kept Mediterranean secret. Lemon Peel – For its zesty flavour. Olive Leaves – A Mediterranean treasure used in traditional Mediterranean medicine.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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