Rose Marzipan Black Tea from Stylin’ Tea Blends

Oh…I honestly could NOT wait to try Rose Marzipan Black Tea from Stylin’ Tea Blends because of my former love of Teavana’s Rose Marzipan from years ago – and I realize that is a blast from the past but let me explain.

Years ago my favorite tea from Teavana was their Rose Marzipan.  I find a lot of their teas to be over sweetened and overuse the dreaded hibiscus!  However I really LOVED that specific tea from Teavana regardless.  When they did away with it I felt a bit lost.  I have been searching for something even remotely close to that for years.  Enter Rose Marzipan Black Tea from Stylin’ Tea Blends!

Eventho Rose Marzipan Black Tea from Stylin’ Tea Blends doesn’t have the candied rose like that ‘other company’ did and I find this one to have more cardamom and almond than the other company did – I have to say I was blown away by Rose Marzipan Black Tea from Stylin’ Tea Blends!

I am no longer lost when it comes to finding the PERFECT Rose Marzipan!  Thank you – Stylin’ Tea Blends!  I have tried other Rose Marzipans and I have been left wanting.  Rose Marzipan Black Tea from Stylin’ Tea Blends is just what I have been craving!  And I’m not sure HOW they did it without those crystallized rose petals!  Perhaps it’s the addition of the Lychee or the overall superior ingredients.  Whatever it is…I’m truly GRATEFUL!

Rose Marzipan Black Tea from Stylin’ Tea Blends smells like a bakey-black tea with cardamom and rose.  The flavor is sweet, bakey, floral, spicy-like-baked good spices, and fruity!  All flavor ratios are ideally in tact!  Nothing overpowers the others!  If I had 3 thumbs…I would give this one ‘3 thumbs up’!  


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black Tea

Where to Buy:  Stylin’ Tea Blends

Tea Description:


This black tea blend reminds me of my time in Germany. It was love at first sip. The almond notes really bring this black tea blend to life. It is fun and flavorful.

2 oz loose leaf in a stand up zip top resealable pouch

Ingredients: Assam and Chinese black teas, China Lichee, flavor, roasted almonds, rose petals, cardamom, rosebuds, vanilla bits. 

Learn even more about this tea here


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