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Today I bring you a review from Bruu Tea, a UK based company that ships worldwide and offers an array of their own creative tea blends. Pina Colada Green was one of three tea’s chosen from my Tea Club box that arrived today and is my first taste of Bruu Tea. I find their style rather quirky, as well as receiving three teas (the others being Vietnam OP and Brazilian Blend) I also received a random flag (Somalia), a cocktail umbrella, a party blower and a chocolate coin; needless to say an Olympic theme was in mind with this months package. Either way it made for a nice change to have some personality in a club pack. Pina Colada was chosen as a random tea to review for SororiTea Sisters.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Coconut Chips, Pineapple Pieces and Sunflower Petals.

The packet itself is see through so I can see the blend with ease, as such I can pick out each of the ingredients listed. The green tea itself does have some stems/sticks and is roughly broken resulting in a quick steeping time.

Opening the packed I am hit with pineapple and coconut, more perfumed than soapy *thankfully* and a sweetness that lingers in my nostrils. Pina Colada heaven. (Starts singing “If you like Pina Colada’s, and getting caught in the rain”).

Steeping wise this had some handy instructions on the front for those unsure. It states 1tsp of leaf in 80C water for 2-3 minutes. I did 2 minutes as I indicated earlier that the green tea leaves were quite small and wouldn’t need long, I would hate for it to be bitter.

Once steeped a cloudyish yellow liquid is produced with a mild grass and pineapple scent.

Leaving it to cool slightly I take a sip, it’s subtle in overall flavour despite the strong scent but I can taste the green tea, the pineapple and the coconut. The green tea base is soft, slightly bitter yet buttery (like a Chinese Sencha though I cannot be sure which green tea it is) but behind that is a subtle yet slightly sweet and perfumed pineapple with an ever softer coconut cream in the after taste. I like that I can taste the green tea and it is not overpowered by the fruit.

Half a cup down and it’s slightly dry in the after taste with an increase on perfume; but it leaves such a delicate Pina Colada-esque flavour in my mouth it makes up for them. You can also notice a slight toasting of the green leaves part way down the cup which compliments the blend, making it non too sweet.

Overall I would say I am impressed. On the negative side I thought that it could have been a bit stronger but on the other side I sort of like that it wasn’t, if I have a nice green tea base I want to taste it. Perhaps I can try a double strength next steep and see what happens, or try the 3 minute marker. Either way I know I will be using the rest of this tea up pretty sharpish. Also it gave notes to try this tea iced and I think that just screamed winning idea.

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Happy Steeping!

Here’s the scoop!

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green Tea Blend

Where to Buy: Bruu Tea

logo Description:  

A Caribbean green bursting with the taste of summer. 

Subtly sweet and almost smoky.  Green tea drinkers must try and try again…and again.   We go cocoNUTS for this beauty.

Learn even more about this tea this tea here 


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