Chocolate Covered Banana Honeybush from 52Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Honeybush

Where to Buy: 52Teas

Tea Description:

I was inspired to do this blend because one of my all-time favorite 52Teas blends from way, way back was Chelsea’s Chocolate Banana Rooibos. And as much as I loved that blend, there was always a part of me that lamented the fact that it was a red rooibos base and not long after Amethyst acquired 52Teas, I decided that I needed to “reinvent” that blend into either a Honeybush blend or a green rooibos blend. Ultimately, I decided I needed to first try Honeybush – but I do plan on trying a green rooibos blend eventually too.

Mmm! The naturally nutty-sweet flavor of the honeybush works nicely with the flavors of chocolate and banana. The overall flavor reminds me a bit of the frozen chocolate covered bananas that you might get at an amusement park – the kind that are sprinkled with chopped nuts before the chocolate has a chance to set. I get sweet, fruity notes of banana, the creamy, rich flavor of chocolate and a hint of nutty flavor from the honeybush. 


organic ingredients: honeybush, freeze-dried bananas, cacao nibs, cacao shells, mini vegan chocolate chips and natural flavors.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Chocolate Covered Banana Honeybush. . . As much as I love my banana flavored teas, chocolate banana teas I seem to be more hesitant with.  I am just not a huge chocolate fan, but I do find that I love the honeybush that 52Teas using as their base, so I had to try it.  My first impression of the dry leaf was rich dark chocolate notes with a bright and vibrant banana flavor.  Still hesitant, I prepped the tea up and took my first sip.

A rich decadent baked good flavor greeted me.    A nutty almost cookie note with a lush dark chocolate hint here and there.  Add in the fresh banana flavor, you have a tea that really pops.  This is one of those decadent teas that are rich, simple, yet full in flavor.  And I’m greedily gulping mine down. I can’t get enough.  Since I only have a taster size of this tea, I think I’ll save the rest to try a cold brew. I can see how this could be an amazing treat on as an iced tea on a warm summer day.

This is one of those decadent banana teas that screams dessert tea.  One that I hope to be enjoying for some time now. This tea is still available from 52Teas so I highly recommend checking it out! Chocolate Covered Banana Honeybush will be a tea I will be dreaming out!

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One thought on “Chocolate Covered Banana Honeybush from 52Teas

  1. teaequalsbliss says:

    I noticed for a while a lot of companies doing flavored honeybush and then they just ‘stopped’. I’m glad that 52 Teas is still coming up with neat honeybush flavors!

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