Gold Snail from Soleil Tea

thisSNAILTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

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Tea Description:

A casual alternative to our Dian Hong, Gold Snail is a Yunnan black tea made with black and gold tips. This tea has a pleasant aroma of fresh cream and chocolate and a strong profile of cocoa and malt. A delicious black tea for everyday sipping.

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Taster’s Review:


I love a nice Yunnan black tea and I especially love those that have beautiful twists of black and gold. The dry leaf is fuzzy, somewhat curled and has a nice combination of black with slivers of gold. It smells a bit like hay and grass. I’m excited to see what this tea tastes like once steeped!

Once hot water has been added, the chocolate scent comes out a bit more. The hay is still present, but it seems a bit more balanced with the chocolatey sweetness. Sipping… this is a bit more bitter than I expected. There is a prominent earthy flavor that reminds me a bit like the hay I smelled earlier. It’s actually the only thing that I taste. I only detect a little bit of that dark chocolate flavor at the tail end of the sip. It seems like it blends with the bitterness that dominates the cup.

While I wish that this tea were more creamy and smooth, it is drinkable. I can see how this might be a good cup to drink first thing in the morning as it’s quite strong and doesn’t have a ton of different notes to distract you.

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