Chocolate Buddha from Red Clover Tea and Herbs

IMG_3135-1_largeTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Herbal/Yerba Mate

Where to Buy: Red Clover Tea and Herbs 

Tea Description:

Drinking this tea always makes me think of the Happy Buddha. It brings me such joy. The combination of the peppermint, chocolate and Yerba Mate create such a delicious sweet chocolate mint tea that leaves you feeling recharged, nourished and happy! It’s a sweet minty tea with a chocolate finish.

Fair Trade Yerba Mate tea, Peppermint, roasted Cacao Nibs, Dark Chocolate pieces, Red Ginseng root & Stevia leaf. All organic

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Taster’s Review:


Red Clover Tea and Herbs is one of those tea companies that I think sometimes goes unnoticed. It really is one of those hidden gems. I know even when you Google it, you have to dig a bit. But what a find! The teas are hand blended delights that you keep you coming back for more.

This blend is a yerba mate blend which I love. Yerba Mate is one of those unique teas that I keep on hand when I want something a little different from the same old same old and it always is satisfying.  Take Yerba Mate, peppermint, roasted cacao nibs, dark chocolate, red ginseng root & stevia leaf. Such a unique combo that I can’t say I’ve seen anywhere else.

Brewed this up per the sample pkg’s instructions and had a gorgeous cuppa awaiting me in about 7 minutes. I can’t say I really got much of  anything else than a chocolate note from the dry leaves. I was hoping that the chocolate wouldn’t dominate the tea and I was in luck it didn’t.

Unfortunately, the stevia leaf did. The tea itself is really fabulous and fantastic. A lush and silky like blend that reminds me of a candy bar but there is an off taste through each sip that is the stevia leaf. Sometimes I can’t pick the stevia leaf up in blends and others it is overwhelming. This blend doesn’t have an overwhelming blend but it is definitely there.

If this tea didn’t have the stevia leaf in it, I would be sold and this WOULD become a daily tea. Who wouldn’t want to drink a liquid candy bar each and every day to stomp on that sweet tooth that plagues so many of us.  Still overall, I was able to finish my cuppa without much of a fuss. Just wish the stevia leaf was either eliminated or just toned down.

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