Organic Arya Diamond Second Flush Darjeeling from Canton Tea Co.

AryaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy: Canton Tea Co

Tea Description:

One of the Arya Estate’s acclaimed ‘Jewel’ teas. The Diamond delivers the bright, beautifully balanced muscatel flavours of one of the most sought after teas in the world. The dark, twisted tea leaves have streaks of gold and fuzzy silver tips. When infused, the tea is smooth and rounded with a long, sweet aftertaste that evokes dried fruits and nuts.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Today is one of those rainy days where you just want to lock yourself up in your house, curl up with a blanket, brew up some favorite tea and binge watch your favorite show.  Just a day where you really just want to relax. I didn’t exactly do that but at least I was able to brew up some tea that I hadn’t experienced yet.

This particular tea is from Canton Tea Co., a tea company that always delivers wonderful flavors. I can’t remember having a negative experience with their teas yet. And I have to say, this tea delivered every note it promised in the description.

Brewed up by the package instructions, I allowed this tea to steep about 2 minutes before taking my first sip. When I did I was greeted with this gorgeous full bodied beauty with hints of fruity sweetness and an almost nutty goodness.  The sweetness is hard to really identify or compare it to. It is an overall sweetness that I am getting and I could say the same for the nuttiness.   So well balanced and the flavors mingled so well together that it was hard sometimes to pick them out because of how smooth the tea was. That is definitely one word to describe this tea-smooth. Smooth and well balanced. This is one of those teas you keep around the house to drink whenever you need a tea that won’t let you down. This tea delivers a gorgeous flavor. That is for sure!


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