Orange Cardamom Black Tea from Aftelier Perfumes

CardamomTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black Tea

Where to Buy: Aftelier Perfumes

Tea Description:

This delicious full-bodied tea is flavored with Aftelier Chef’s Essences: the perfect marriage of mouth-watering blood orange and the spicy warmth of cardamom. Organic Red Pearls Black Tea, a rare tea from Fujian, is fully-oxidized Mao Feng tea leaves that have been rolled into small black pearls. They are then pan-fired where they develop a burnished sheen, toasty caramel-like aroma, and spicy, assertive — yet wonderfully sweet — flavor.

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Taster’s Review:

Orange Cardamom Black Tea from Aftelier Perfumes is a truly unique tea offering from a company that started making natural perfumes over 30 years ago!  Here at Sororitea Sisters we’ve posted other reviews about Aftelier Perfumes Tea offerings and have enjoyed our past experiences with their teas.  Orange Cardamom Black Tea from Aftelier Perfumes certainly stands up to Aftelier’s quality and creativity that we have come to learn and love.

Mandy from Afterlier Perfumes uses Organic Red Pearl Black Tea which is a Mao Feng rolled into tiny black tea balls.  The tea itself is slightly caramelly and sweet.  She pairs that with luscious blood orange and spicy cardamom in a fascinating way!

The flavor combination is very nice and perfectly done.  When I first heard that Mandy was sending us some of this new offering to try I was hoping the cardamom wasn’t going to over power the actual tea.  After one sip I knew that she took a good amount of time to get the orange and cardamom ratios ‘just so’ and for that I am truly grateful.  I will never question her brilliance of evening out flavor levels again!  This was a remarkable offering that’s for sure!  If you or someone you know are into trying different flavors of teas don’t pass this one up!


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