Mango Ice Cream Black Tea from 52Teas

MangoIceCreamsmallTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy: 52Teas

Tea Description:

Black Tea, Freeze-Dried Mango Bits, Vanilla Bean and Natural Flavors

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Taster’s Review:

I love 52Teas.  The idea behind having a tea company create a new blend each week is just brilliant.  I love the variety that you are able to purchase and the creativity that this sort of company can provide.  With teas like Toffee Bar Chai or Carrot Cake Honeybush. . .I mean you really can’t go wrong.

I can’t remember if I picked this tea up from one of the Kickstarter Campaigns or if I bought this one outright from the site.  It doesn’t look like this particlar one is offered anymore.  That is the only downside to a company like 52Teas. Since they are being mad tea scientists, blending all these crazy and fabulous blends, the inventory is smaller and constantly revolving. So if you are looking at a tea and it looks amazing, you better get it quick because quantities are extremely limited.

Mango Ice Cream Black Tea is a black tea blend with bits of mango that you can actually see.  The dry leaf smells delicious and I couldn’t wait to check out the blend.  Brewed up with water prepped at boiling and allowed to steep for about 4 minutes, this tea looked and smelled so warming and inviting even tho it is supposed to be ice cream based.  I couldn’t wait to check it out!

Unfortunately, this tea just isn’t for me.  First sip in and all I was really getting was the black tea base and hints of a sweetness from the vanilla. Even tho I could visibly see the mango pieces, I didn’t get any of that fruity tropical like flavor in the brew. I did get more of an astringent tone to the tea so maybe I overleafed my serving.

I did brew this tea up again and only allowed this tea to steep for about 3 minutes and I did notice that those flavors I was looking for come thru a bit more but not enough for me to think mango ice cream.  Regardless, the tea was still drinkable and I didn’t feel the need to dump it, I just didn’t get the flavor I was looking or hoping for.  I only had a 1/2 oz of the tea so I won’t be able to try these, but I would love to try this as a cold brew. I bet that is the way to pull out those tropical creamy flavors.

Even tho this tea might not have been my cuppa tea, I still highly recommend 52Teas and encourage checking out their teas if you haven’t yet.  You won’t regret it!

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2 thoughts on “Mango Ice Cream Black Tea from 52Teas

  1. teaequalsbliss says:

    I totally LOVE the company and also their creative flavors and blends! This is one of my faves! The ingredients really DO make the difference!!!

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