Equestea from Geeky Teas

EquesteaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy: Geeky Teas

Tea Description:

Black tea, apple pieces, natural caramel apple flavor and cinnamon bark. 

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Who doesn’t love My Little Pony. I mean c’mon! They even have bronies! I have loved My Little Pony forever. I remember playing with my ponies and doing their hair for hours straight as a kiddo. So when I saw that Geeky Teas had a fandom tea based off of My Little Pony- I said yes please!

This particular tea is a take on a caramel apple tea with cinnamon and a black tea base. Geeky Teas black tea base is very hit or miss with me and seems to be a bit more on the finicky side sometimes. But when it is good, it is good!

Brewed this up like a black tea with water prepped at 212F, allowed it to steep for about 3 minutes. The whole time the tea was steeping you could smell this wonderful aroma.  Reminded me of a bakery.  Sweet and almost nutty.

The waiting time was finally over and I took my first sip. Oh my goodness! This may be the best tea I’ve tried from Geeky Teas yet! This tea is amazing. I really wasn’t in the mood for a black tea but oh my goodness!! This tea really does taste like a caramel apple.  The black tea provides a lush smooth silky like background while the apple brings a tartness, the cinnamon gives the tea a bit of a spiced feel, while the caramel apple flavoring gives you that sweet nutty flavor.  Seriously good tea here! I’m in love!

I’ve said it before but if you haven’t checked out Geeky Teas, you need to!

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