Passage du Désir from August Uncommon Tea

passagedudesirTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy: August Uncommon Tea

Tea Description:

Early morning in Paris rewards you with rich aromas from winding cobblestone streets. A steamy gust of croissants and sugared brioche hits. Moments later, it’s molten chocolate from the chocolatier being dripped into fantastical shapes. Dense flavors engulf the senses. Another turn brings a thick blast of honeyed chestnuts roasting on a tin drum. Winter is nipping at your heels.

Ingredients: black tea, cocoa husk, hazelnut brittle pieces, cocoa beans, flavoring

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Taster’s Review:

This tea smells very familiar.. almost identical to other nutty, chocolatey black tea blends. It has me a little worried as I want this blend to be something different! Taking a first sip, I’m very pleased! The strongest flavor I get is of chocolate… almost like a cocoa, but with a strong bitterness. The next thing I notice is the black tea base. It’s not terribly strong, but adds a nice smoothness to the chocolate.  I like that the tea base doesn’t overwhelm the chocolate, but that it doesn’t disappear completely. I think this would be wonderful with a splash of milk! The aftertaste is a little funky.. a bit artificial… almost like sweet plastic? It’s hard to describe.. but I can say that it hangs around for a bit, unfortunately.

I think this tea is just right for the cooler weather. The chocolate flavor reminds me of hot chocolate for the winter time.. so it would work very well as a transitional tea. The only thing that I don’t really like is the lingering aftertaste and the lack of any real nutty flavor.. it does have hazelnut brittle pieces, after all. Don’t let my description of the aftertaste scare you away.. it really is a nice tea and it may not be as noticeable with different tastebuds.

If you like chocolate teas, this would be a very good choice as the chocolate flavor is strong. Next time, I think I’ll try this with a bit of milk and possibly sugar. I think it would also be delicious as a latte!

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