Sunshine Cottage from Sunshine Cottage

sunshinecottageTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Sunshine Cottage

Tea Description:

Good Morning Sunshine! Start every morning off with this bright and happy, citrus and tropical fruit blend, and you’ll start every day with a smile. Lovely as is, with a drizzle of honey, even a splash of milk. Great iced when the weather heats up!

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Taster’s Review:

Good morning sunshine is right! This tea starts your morning off right!

This lovely tea is from the amazing Sunshine Cottage Etsy store, a store for all those flavored black tea fans out there.  Sunshine Cottage tea is a take on a tropical tea and a happy way to wake up in the morning with a bright colored tea to add to your tea spot.

I brewed this tea up with boiling water and let it steep for about 4 minutes.  Allowed it to cool for a moment and then indulged myself in the tropical citrus aroma that was delighting me.

First sip and yes! This tea is a tropical citrus tea for sure.  The citrus is almost like a juicy tangerine flavor while the tropical flavors are more subtle in the background.  There are hints of this tea becoming astringent but I’m not picking that up right away.  It is more of a lingering aftertaste from drinking the tea for a few moments.

On the package of the tea there was also a note about jasmine being in the blend and I’m sad that I’m not picking up those notes.  I can’t say what a jasmine tropical citrus tea would taste like and honestly it may not go well together but I kind of want to try it.

As the tea sits now it was a delight and one that I would have no probably making up for the family to enjoy.  I bet this would make an incredible iced tea and I have plans to try this as a cold brew to enjoy in the morning.

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One thought on “Sunshine Cottage from Sunshine Cottage

  1. I haven’t tried any of their teas but they look lovely! Thanks for adding this company and tea to our ever growing list of reviews on Sororitea Sisters!

    Jennifer (AKA TeaEqualsBliss)

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