Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha from 52Teas

MarshmallowTreatTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Tea Description:

Another overwhelming fan favorite! 

I’m also a big fan of this tea.  I was one of the lucky ones to get one of the pouches from the first batch which was a blend of Genmaicha plus Genmaicha Uji which is Genmaicha that’s been infused with Matcha.  So, in an effort to recreate that stunning first batch, I blended an Organic Japanese Genmaicha and an organic Japanese Genmaicha with Matcha (Or Genmaicha Uji).  I really prefer it with the Uji, the little bit of Matcha adds a really nice creaminess to the overall cup.

To this, I added marshmallow root and all-natural, organic flavors.  

It’s a cuppa yum!

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Taster’s Review:

This was one of my favorites from the old 52Teas. I remember not liking the reblends as much and I guess that I grew tired of it. I was excited to see that this new version had both genmaicha and matcha as I had missed out on the very first blend of this tea which happened to have both. I notice that the cup turns much more green and vibrant than the old versions. It smells sweet and toasty. Can’t wait to sip!

Sipping… mmm this is quite delicious. The first thing I taste is the toasted rice followed by a lovely, sweet, almost creamy flavor. I’m not sure if this is marshmallow exactly, but the combination of sweetness and the toasted rice does given the impression of a marshmallow treat. The sip finishes with a brisk and astringent ‘green’, slightly grassy note.

This is a very calming cup of tea. While this cup is soft in flavor, the combination of rice and sweetness keeps me quite satisfied. If you enjoyed the old version of this tea, I think that you should try this one!

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