PG Tips Original from PG Tips

PGTipsOriginalTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  PG Tips

Tea Description:

The eighth wonder of the world! Our cleverly designed Pyramid bags give the tea leaves room to move so you can get even more of the great PG tips flavour. One Cup is exactly what it says on the box: just the right amount of tea for a single brew. Instant is for that cuppa on the run, just use granules that dissolve instantly in hot water. Our loose leaf tea is for those who still use the traditional way to make the perfect cuppa.

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Taster’s Review:

I enjoy all sorts of  loose black tea, but sometimes all I want to do is pop a teabag into a cup and get on with my morning. While loose leaf definitely offers a richer, better flavor, when you’re in a rush, teabag is often the way to go. PG Tips has always been there for me and for that reason alone, I have a box in the house at all times. PG Tips has been in kitchen cupboards since about 1930. Plus, it has a clever little monkey as the brand’s mascot.

If you’re looking for a tea with different flavor notes, I am not sure if this one would fit the bill. For me, this is a solid, basic cup of black tea that goes very well with milk and a biscuit. I think of it as a tea that helps you get your day started. If you’re looking for a black tea with many layers steep after steep, you’re better off with a loose leaf.

I would suggest you give PG Tips a try if you want to try a different bagged black tea. It makes a delicious, strong and reliable cup.

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