Birthday Cake from Bluebird Tea Co

birthday_cake_1Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Bluebird Tea Co

Tea Description:

Let’s be honest, there is nothing better than cake. Except perhaps a cup of tea and cake! Our Birthday Cake Tea is delicious, has both and almost no calories! Oh and did you notice the pretty sprinkles in there too? Talk about having your cake and eating it!

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Taster’s Review:

I’ve learned that if there is a tea that is supposed to taste like cake, that I need to try it. I was especially excited to try this blend because it has a rooibos base and the addition of star sprinkles. YUM! I haven’t found too many cake blends that have a rooibos or honeybush base. The dry leaf looks like it’s meant to be a part of a birthday celebration, too. I love the bright sprinkles, flowers and the soft rooibos.

For me, this cup isn’t quite birthday cake in a cup, but is really a sweet rooibos blend with a strong almond flavor. I can see how some might taste a cake flavor since there is a starchy element in the background, but I otherwise can’t taste anything that’s specifically birthday cake. Despite the cake element not being present in this cup, it’s still very drinkable and quite delicious. There is a little bit of a weird sour note in the background and I’m not sure what it is.. but it’s weak and doesn’t bother me.

I love that I can drink this tea any time of the day even though there is a small amount of black tea in the blend. I don’t feel like it will keep me up at night. This blend makes a great replacement for dessert after dinner, too. If you’re looking for a sweet treat, I’d try this one, but don’t expect it to taste like a slice of birthday cake.

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