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gingerpeachTea Information:

Leaf Type: Black Tea & Rooibos

Where to Buy:  theBeesTeas

Tea Description:

Black tea and peach red rooibos blended with ginger root, peach, and apricot. Ginger is known to help with stomach ailments, and act as a great digestive aid, It’s also great for helping to ward off illnesses such as colds, as it can aid the body in eliminating toxins in the body. This is a warming blend in the Winter as a hot tea, and a refreshing blend in the Summer as an iced tea. 

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Taster’s Review:

As much as I try to like teas that have red rooibos in them, that weird medicinal flavor just destroys teas for me.  I really wish I liked them.  There are some amazing sounding teas that sound so good and then I see that they have red rooibos in them and its all over for me.  Green rooibos on the other hand is fantastic.

I steeped this one up in my One Touch Breville (212F-2 scoops-2 cups of water) and was excited to try this one hoping I could see past the red roobios.  Unfortunately that isn’t the case.

The ginger and peach are the front flavors that you taste and smell when you first start to sip.  But that after taste is that weird red rooibos flavor that I just can’t get past.  I was really hoping that the peach, ginger, and apricot flavors would mask the red rooibos.  Sadly. . no.  The flavors that you taste are really good.  This tea without the red rooibos blended in, I think, would be amazing and very good.  There are no hints of articial-ness with this one and everything tastes fresh and tasty.

If you like red rooibos and a ginger style tea with a touch of fruit, I could see this being a winner for some.  It just wasn’t the case for me.  Can’t like ’em all.

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