Baozhong Oolong Tea from Oollo Tea

BaozhongOolong1Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Oollo Tea

Tea Description:

Grown in the serene mountainous terrain of Wenshan, Taiwan. The twisted leaves produce elegant lilac and vanilla fragrances while developing delicate sweet, floral notes. 

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Taster’s Review:

I think I fell in love with this Baozhong Oolong Tea from Oollo Tea at first whiff!  The aroma is so sweet and wonderfully floral – just as the description suggests, I smell lilac!  I appreciate that while it has a strong floral aroma, it doesn’t come across as perfume-y.  It smells more like the air that has been lightly scented by a gentle breeze that filters through a lilac bush.  It smells so beautiful!

The brewed tea has a more subdued fragrance with warm vanilla notes and mere hints of the flower that I experienced with the dry leaf.  The scent is still captivating.  It invites me to take a sip – and I think I’ll do that!

LOVE!  The flavor has delicate notes of flower and a strong top note of creamy vanilla.  It’s so creamy and sweet – vaguely reminiscent of a milk Oolong but with a lighter taste and texture.  This doesn’t feel overwhelmingly creamy the way a milk Oolong can.  It’s light and refreshing as it washes over the palate.BaozhongOolong

In no time at all, my first cup (infusions 1 and 2) disappeared.  Time to resteep!

With this second cup (infusions 3 and 4) I’m tasting a stronger floral presence than I experienced with the first cup.  It’s still what I’d call a subtle flavor and it marries with the vanilla notes quite harmoniously.  In the distance, I pick up on soft notes of vegetation – very soft! Like a whisper of a slightly earthy, grassy tone.

As I continue to sip, I pick up on some woody notes.  Again, these are very subtle and they meld with the previously mentioned vegetal notes to create a somewhat “earthy” taste that offers a contrast to the creamy notes of vanilla and the sweet floral tones.

And just like the previous cup, this cup disappeared quickly – so I resteeped the leaves again to create my third cup (infusions 5 and 6) and I think that this cup might be my favorite of the three!  The delectable vanilla notes have softened somewhat, allowing for more of the floral notes to be explored.

The tea remains subtle yet richly flavored and I think the reason I favor this cup over the other two is that the complexity here is much more profound.  I can taste the layers of flavor because the vanilla notes have muted just enough so that these layers can actually be discovered.  I still get that delicious vanilla flavor but now I’m tasting other notes too.  I taste more of those woodsy notes and I love how these earthier notes marry with the notes of vanilla and the flowery tones.

An exceptional tea, this!

Everything about this tea is soft.  The texture is soft and silky.  The flavor is soft and it seems to lull you into this tremendous sense of comfort and luxury.  Nothing aggressive or sharp to the taste of this tea.

I highly recommend this to all those who appreciate a beautiful, gently nuanced Oolong!  You’re going to LOVE this tea!

Anne (aka the Mad Tea Artist) has celebrated her 29th birthday for many years now. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her hubby and her youngest daughter. Her oldest daughter is married and has bestowed Anne with the proud title of “Gramma” and her grandson is about the cutest boy you ever did see.

Anne started her journey with tea as a casual drinker and became more serious about her tea drinking when she realized that she couldn’t drink coffee. Shortly thereafter, she started becoming obsessed with the beverage and she started creating small-batch, artisan blends of tea that she sold online as LiberTEAS. After a few years, she realized she wasn’t cut out to be the sole proprietor of a business so she closed LiberTEAS and started reviewing teas online. She met Jennifer through another blog that they both reviewed for and they decided to start their own review blog. This review blog!

Throughout her journey as a tea reviewer, she discovered 52Teas and became enamored with the idea of creating a new tea every week. When the founder of 52Teas decided he wanted to move on, he offered the business to Anne but knowing that she wasn’t cut out to be a sole proprietor, she instead offered the company to her oldest daughter who employs her as the Mad Tea Artist for 52Teas!

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