Coconut Matcha Green Tea from 3 Leaf Tea

coconutmatchaTea Information:

Leaf Type: Green.

Where to Buy: 3 Leaf Tea

Tea Description:

 We import our matcha directly from Shizuoka, Japan. Matcha is a high quality green tea with a unique taste. It is often described as a full bodied, vegetal sweetness. Unlike most tea where the leaves are discarded after use, matcha is the whole leaf ground into a fine powder.

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Taster’s Review:

3 Leaf Tea is a newer company to come on to the scene. They offer both flavored matcha, as well as raw cacao hot chocolate (with or without sweetener). They piqued my interest, and the first thing I just had to try out their coconut matcha flavor. I am a coconut fiend! I will put coconut in everything if I could. I cook with it, I flavor desserts with it, I will drink it in many of it’s forms, it’s my main source of beauty needs, hell, I even clean with it! Seriously, I could write sonnet after sonnet of praises for the humble coconut, but this just simply is not the blog for it.

I had this tea in the modern method because I was being lazy today and wanted matcha NOW. I used my blender bottle thingie to whip it up in a jiffy. (Protip: if you have one of these things and you do use it, make sure you close the latch TIGHTLY. I got bright green almond milk everywhere.) I was so excited to use my own homemade almond milk in tandem with the matcha, it seemed like the perfect combination. Luckily for me, the combination was pretty much magical. Who knew that forgoing the overpriced cartons of blue diamond with ten plus ingredients and making my own would make everything it comes in contact with just that much better? All it is two ingredients, almonds and water. Yes, it does take a few hours to soak the nuts, but when I blend and strain, it turns into a delicious, fresh almond milky heaven.

The base match 3 Leaf Tea uses is excellent. I have had my fair share of bad matcha in my day, and I can just tell that by looking at this lush, blue-green powder that this will be a very good experience. The base by itself is very nice, it is vegetal and fresh. It’s really got that umami thing down. If I am not careful, I do get some clumping, but it is an easy fix. The taste is smooth, no graininess, and although the flavor is light, it is a creamy hint at the end of each sip that just feels so right. I really enjoyed the flavor, the texture, and the latte I made was gone before I knew it. Looks like I will have to make some more almond milk soon!




I dream in tea.
Hello! My name is Maddi and I love to gongfu and listen to good tunes. I live in Denver, CO with my big dumb malamute and three other people who are not bid dumb malamutes. I like to take boiling hot showers and meditate in my closet. I talk about tea so much that it has become a punch line of sorts with my family and coworkers. Besides my unhealthy obsession with the drink that gives me life, I do yoga frequently, watch Korean Dramas religiously, run as a form of moving meditation, make green smoothies out of any vegetables and fruits within the nearest vicinity, and play video games with my patient and forgiving boyfriend. I also cook for a living and have at least one waffle a day.
Likes: Tea, Teaware, All forms of nature, Old movies, People with infectious laughs, Blankets
Dislikes: Watching sports, People who don’t tip servers, Slipping on ice, drinking tea for the ‘health benefits’
I tend to only drink loose leaf, although I will have a bagged tea every once in a while in an emergency. I also never sweeten my tea because, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’
I like the following flavors:
Majority of chai
Anything Tropical
Stone fruit/melon
I am not so fond of the following flavors:
Strong Bergamot
Cloves/strong cinnamon

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