Organic Jungpana Premium Autumn Flush Darjeeling Black Tea from Golden Tips

jungpanaAutumnFlushTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black (Darjeeling)

Where to Buy:  Golden Tips

Tea Description:

A first-rate Autumnal from the paradisiacal tea plantations of Jungpana. Amber liquoring with a riveting aroma, this is sure to become your favorite morning cuppa. Fittingly robust and bodied, the tea brings in whiffs & undertones of muscatel complimented by distinctive maltiness unique to Darjeeling black teas through the pre-winter harvests. Taste buds capitulate to the bold slightly-earthy character of the tea as it flushes your mouth with its dominant character. A slight palatableness engulfs as you roll the liquor. Floral and dark chocolaty notes are sustained during the entire experience. An excellent tea and among our best-sellers every season.

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Taster’s Review:

I’ve tried quite a few Darjeeling teas from Golden Tips so far and I’ve been impressed with what I’ve tried.  This Organic Jungpana Premium Autumn Flush follows in fashion.  This is a wonderful Darjeeling!

I brewed this tea in my Breville tea maker, adding 2 bamboo scoops of tea to the basket and pouring 500ml of water to the pitcher.  Then I set the temperature for 195°F and the timer for 2 1/2 minutes.  It’s been my experience that Darjeeling teas do better with a slightly lower temperature.

And the result is a cupful of deliciousness!  This is a delightfully complex Darjeeling.  It’s crisp.  The body of this tea falls somewhere between light and medium.  There is some astringency to this, but not a lot.  Just a slightly dry sensation toward the tail.  No bitterness – just wonderful flavor that keeps me sipping.

The sip starts out with a sweet note that’s slightly grape-y.  This tea has a distinct wine-like flavor (muscatel!) and there are some notes of flower.  By mid-sip, the grape notes become more defined.  I taste subtle woodsy tones and hints of earth.  As the sip goes into the finish, there is a slightly dry, sweet note.  The aftertaste is sweet with just a hint of tartness that reminds me of currant.

A fantastic Darjeeling.  This is the kind of tea that I’d recommend to any tea drinker, especially to those who are new to Darjeeling.  This tea would be a great way to start one’s journey into the wonderful world of Darjeeling tea!

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