Earl Grey Tea from Rington’s Premium English Teas

earlgreyRingtonsTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Rington’s Premium English Teas

Tea Description:

Aromatic light black tea bags. From our ‘Extra Fresh’ family of teas. A premium quality fair traded aromatic blend of black tea, delicately flavoured with natural bergamot flavour.

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Taster’s Review:

Earl Grey Tea from Rington’s Premium English Teas:  another bagged Earl Grey.  I decided to go into this experience with an open mind and determined to find the good in this tea.  I feel like lately, most of my bagged tea reviews have been ‘bagging’ on the tea bag.  I want to try to keep an open mind because I have, in fact, tried decent bagged teas.  Sure, loose leaf is better.  Loose leaf is the way to go in about 98% of all situations, but there is the occasion when bagged teas are certainly more convenient even if they aren’t more flavorful.

So I steeped the bag in one of my favorite mugs, using 8 ounces of boiling water for 3 minutes.  Now that I’m sipping this, I wish I would have gone with 2 1/2 minutes because this is a tad more astringent than I would like it to be and I think that a slightly shorter steep time might help to reduce that.

My first impression:  the flavor is a bit off.  The bergamot tastes strange to me, it doesn’t have that crisp tangy flavor that I expect from bergamot.

Again, I want to find the good in this tea, so I’m not tossing it yet!  The black tea.  It’s alright.  It has a pleasant flavor.  It’s rich and has a light malty note to it.  It is astringent, like I’ve already mentioned.  It has a dry sensation toward the tail of the sip.

On the good side:  although the bergamot isn’t quite what I expected when I tasted this tea, it isn’t ‘bad’ – it’s just a bit sweeter than I expected from bergamot.  It tastes like maybe the bergamot has been ‘enhanced’ by another orange flavor to soften the edge of the bergamot.  The black tea has a pleasant flavor.  And this tea does taste better as it cools – this would make a really nice iced tea.

I suspect that this might be alright to someone who hasn’t tasted better Earl Grey teas.  That is to say, if all they’ve been drinking is other brands of bagged Earl Grey teas, they might find this one to be just as acceptable as some other bagged Earl Grey teas, perhaps even better than others.  It’s certainly not the worst Earl Grey I’ve ever tried, but it’s not the best either.  But if you’ve tried a really good, loose leaf Earl Grey tea, you’ll more than likely find this one lacking, I’m sorry to say.

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