Hazelnut Pear Green Tea from Petali Teas

Hazelnut_PearTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

This tea is available from Amoda Tea.

Tea Description:

“Gunpowder” green is a smooth, full-bodied tea that’s perfect for winter. Blended with a surprising ingredient list, we hope you’re curious to try this out! The vanilla cream is a perfect complement to the smoky gunpowder green & its natural nuttiness is accentuated with hazelnuts. “Peared” up with fruit and cinnamon, this is a really tasty blend. 

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Taster’s Review:

Mmm!  This Hazelnut Pear Green Tea from Petali Teas is really good.  Then again, I have found that I can count on Amoda to choose some pretty tasty teas for me in their monthly subscription box.  Occasionally, I might find myself a wee bit disappointed with something, but for the most part, the Amoda boxes are a big WIN for me.

I was very intrigued with this tea right from the start.  The idea of pear and hazelnut together sparked my interest.  It sounds yummy and very Pacific Northwest-ish.  It sounds like a great big cup of yum.

And that’s what it is.  The base of this tea is a Gunpowder green tea and it’s a nice choice for this blend.  The green tea is earthy, a little nutty and has a hint of smokiness to it.  It’s not really a vegetative tasting tea although there’s a certain ‘freshness’ to the flavor that plays well to the flavor of the pear.  It has a soft texture and it’s not an overly astringent tea.  It’s really quite nice.

And it melds well with every aspect of this tea:  the nutty flavors and the hint of smoke enhance the hazelnut flavor.  The earthiness melds with the earthy notes of the spices, which are warm but do not overpower this blend.  Instead, they add an accent to the main flavors of hazelnut and pear.

I don’t taste a lot of ‘apple’ in this, I suspect the reason for the apple pieces in this blend is to look ‘pear-like’ because dried pear is a bit more difficult to come by than dried apple.  I also don’t taste a lot from the orange, but it does add a hint of brightness to the cup.  There is no real obvious note of orange, but you can tell that it’s there, perking up the flavors.

A really nice tea.  I’ve enjoyed the teas that I’ve tasted from Petali Teas in the various Amoda Boxes that they’ve been featured in – I’m glad that this is a company that Amoda Tea has chosen to feature regularly!

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